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Empowering Women in Trucking

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Traditionally dominated by men, the trucking industry is experiencing a paradigm shift as more women recognize the appeal of a career on the road. Drawn to the flexibility, travel opportunities, and financial potential, women are breaking barriers in trucking, navigating challenges, and empowering themselves to support their families while exploring the country.

Why Women Choose Trucking

Amidst the industry's struggle to recruit and retain drivers, women are seizing the chance to enter trucking more than ever before. The motivations behind women joining the field include:

Quick Entry into a New Profession:

  • Trucking offers a swift transition into a new and rewarding profession.

Financial Earning Potential:

  • The competitive pay in the industry, ranging from $50,000 to $77,000 with a median salary of $61,000 attracts women seeking financial stability (2023).

  • Many job postings on platforms like offer higher-end salaries and enticing sign-on bonuses.

Be Their Own Boss:

  • Independence and flexibility in trucking appeal to women, especially for those aspiring to be owner-operators.

  • Control over schedules and the ability to choose suitable jobs contribute to a sense of autonomy.

Job Security and Stability:

  • Trucking provides job security, with many companies actively seeking women to fill persistent driver vacancies.

  • Women drivers have a 25% lower likelihood of being involved in accidents, making them safer bets for employers.

Travel Opportunities:

  • The diverse travel options in trucking, ranging from regional to international routes, cater to various preferences and family needs.

  • Positions that allow drivers to see the country or stay closer to home offer flexibility.

Opportunities for Women in Trucking

The trucking industry offers unique opportunities that make it particularly appealing to women:

Competitive Pay and Benefits:

  • A competitive salary, coupled with full health benefits, dental and vision coverage, and access to retirement, vacation, and flexible hours, narrows the gender pay gap.

Comprehensive Training and Support:

  • Trucking companies provide comprehensive training programs, covering CDL and over-the-road (OTR) training, typically lasting four to eight weeks.

  • Support staff is available 24/7 to assist drivers, offering guidance and advice.

Independence and Flexibility:

  • Owner-operators have control over their schedules, choosing when to take time off and selecting suitable jobs and clients.

  • Most trucking companies also offer flexible schedules for their employees.

Professional Trucking Associations for Women:

The Bright Future for Women in Trucking

The trucking industry's essential role in the economy is now complemented by an increasing number of women contributing to its success. Despite the current small percentage of female truck drivers, there is vast potential for growth and positive change. With organizations and programs offering support and a commitment from trucking companies to create inclusive workplaces, women are poised to continue making their mark in the trucking industry. As the industry evolves, women can find excellent pay, benefits, and a supportive community on the open road.