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Starting Your Auto Hauling Business: A Comprehensive Guide

New Drivers & New Businesses

Are you dreaming of becoming your own boss and venturing into the world of entrepreneurship?

Trucking offers many business opportunities, and if the idea of running an auto hauling business aligns with your skills and interests, this guide will help you embark on this journey, covering essential aspects, including insurance, that you need to consider before diving into business ownership.

Opportunities for Auto Transporter Businesses

Auto haulers play a vital role in transporting vehicles from one location to another and go beyond simple towing services. An Auto Transporter service may transport vehicles across state lines from manufacturing centers to dealerships, or other transportation hubs, including:

  • Auto shows

  • Dealerships

  • Repair and maintenance facilities

  • Storage facilities

  • Cross-country destinations

  • Ports and rail facilities

Experience and Equipment Requirements

In any commercial transportation venture, having experience in handling large trucks and trailers is a prerequisite. Auto haulers, in particular, need experience in operating large trailers, which can range from enclosed single- or dual-car models to larger multi-car hauler trailers (car carriers). At LuckyTruck, we are connected with TAP (Trucking Business Advisors) who can provide you with free advice and access to services like setting up an authority, and compliance. Connect with TAP for more information (CLICK HERE)

For newcomers to the industry, starting with a used enclosed trailer or a single-vehicle flatbed may suffice. However, you might need to invest in car carriers or larger enclosed trailers. These specialized pieces of equipment can be expensive and often require a commercial driver's license and knowledge of Class A operations.

Developing a Business Plan

Every new business, including auto hauling, should have a well-thought-out business plan. A business plan not only helps you manage risks but also defines your goals and outlines the path to achieving them. When creating a business plan for your auto hauling venture, consider the following questions:

What Are You Transporting?

Determine whether you'll be hauling cars, trucks, vans, or larger vehicles, as each type may require different trailer configurations. Additionally, the number of vehicles you plan to transport simultaneously will influence your equipment needs.

Where Are You Transporting to/from?

Understanding local, state, and federal transportation laws is crucial, especially for interstate hauls. Compliance is essential to avoid costly penalties.

Where Will You Obtain Your Loads?

Consider the types of contracts you're interested in, such as transporting vehicles between manufacturers and dealers, delivering collectible cars to auto shows, or handling cross-country relocations. Loads can come from load boards, brokerage houses, dealerships, or individual customers.

Auto Transporter Insurance: Shielding Your Business from Liability Risks

Here at LuckyTruck, we can help you in all of your insurance needs. Running an Auto Transport business necessitates robust insurance coverage to safeguard your company's assets. Beyond protecting the equipment you own, you're also responsible for the vehicles under your care. Auto Transporter insurance offers protection against various risks, and a comprehensive policy may include:

  • Garagekeepers coverage

  • Cargo coverage

  • General liability coverage

  • Commercial auto or semi-trailer coverage

  • Workers' Compensation coverage


Before launching your business, consult with LuckyTruck to discuss commercial transportation insurance and assess your coverage needs. We can help tailor policies to match your risk exposures and budget. With the right insurance from LuckyTruck, a well-structured business plan, and the determination to be your own boss, you're well on your way to a successful journey in the commercial transportation sector.

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